JPG to PDF Converter App Reviews

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It Cut the Pages

I got this to convert 80 jpgs into a single PDF. And while it did to the job “quickly” - the document is unusable as it cut the text on various pages and did not stay true to the original jpg files. I will try and get my money back.

Works good if you buy it!

The free versions allows to convert only 5 pics to pdf. I bought (4.99$) it and converted 15 jpeg pics to pdf, it was very fast and the result was perfect. I haven’t tried the other formats (gif, png, etc.) yet, but I am sure that the result will be the same.

Works but doesn't

This software changed my Jpegs into a pdf in no time flat. But the scaling functions don't work. So the files end up to large for the average email.


I had 4300 jpegs and it skipped over 1/2 of them. What a bummer

Works for TIFF Too

I scanned a 120 page document to JPG images for a digital archive, and this app did exactly as advertised, giving me a 120 page PDF for viewing and printing. Out of curiosity, I tried this converter on a set of TIFF files. It converted them to PDF as well!

Great app

Very useful and handy.

Works well, needs resolution option

This works really well but has limited options. It really needs the option to set output resolution/file size. I imagined using it to quickly create a PDF lightbox of photography for client review. I usually use Adobe Bridge, but was hoping this would be faster/simpler. For example, I converted four 35MB tiffs into a PDF just fine, but the PDF was over 100MB in size. Needs the ability to change the output resolution so you can create web or email friendly PDFs.

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